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Here you can test compression of any website in Bulk just paste here website in new Line

Check if Gzip is Enabled on Website

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Full form of Gzip is GNU Zip. It is a Free and Open Source tool for compressing (reducing) any type of files. GZip is required because it will reduce the size of File thus increases data transfer speed between networks. Test if your website has Gzip compression enabled or not.

We have a Free GZip Compression tool to check if your website used compression. Just Enter your website url above and you will come to know if your website is having Gzip Compression enabled.

Imaging you need to transfer 1 GB of data between network, and at the same time you are transferring 300 MB of data, Which data transfer will complete first ? Obviously 300 MB as Bandwidth required to transfer 300 MB data is lesser than 1 GB of data. This is the reason you need to have GZIP compression for your website files. Your webserver will transfer compressed files, so your website will load faster than uncompressed format.